Meet Attison Womack: CEO of AGW Designs

The vibrant sun in Memphis, TN, provided fifth graders at Dogwood Elementary with the most fulfilling 30-minute-recess. While the elated boys and girls sprinted around aimlessly out of excitement deciding where to begin their playground festivities, there was only one 9-year-old girl who sacrificed this anticipated time of the day to create handmade string bracelets. 


Three missed recesses later, and she finally mastered the 4 types of stringing knots. “Forward knot over left, backward knot over right” became so imprinted in her brain that stringing bracelets in her sleep felt possible. 


Attison Womack utilized this sacred time of the day to produce a unique collection of hand-crafted bracelets to sell to her peers, friends and family. As a result, Womack accumulated over $300 and donated her profits to charity. 


Womack’s natural entrepreneurial skills and innate desire to help others has only flourished with time. Within July of 2018, Womack discovered a creative approach to help women all over the world feel confident in their own skin for an affordable price by launching her own jewelry business named AGW Designs. Despite being a seventeen-year-old woman in a male-dominated field while juggling her studies and social life, Womack’s admirable work ethic and passion for designing affordable and trendy jewelry for women has prevailed in huge successes for her company. “I am passionate because I see the happiness on other people’s faces when they see their jewelry for the first time,” Womack said. 


AGW Designs sells bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings as well as shoes and accessories. Womack repurposes authentic designer buttons by turning them into quality pieces of jewelry. Lena Barrido, a passionate customer of AGW Designs, said that her favorite piece of jewelry is her ‘Coco Studs’ which are repurposed Chanel buttons transformed into trendy yet affordable pairs of earrings. Barrido is a devoted customer to AGW Designs because of how much Womack cares about her customers. 


It is no secret that being an entrepreneur requires lots of time and effort; however, Womack has to balance school work, social life, and greek life on top of AGW Designs. Womack begins her journey of a day by waking up at 8 a.m. sharp to fulfill her physical goals by attending the gym. After her workout of running and lifting, she enjoys cooking eggs and avocado toast to hold her over until lunch. She then proceeds to attend her fashion retail classes that she pays close attention to because this knowledge pertains to growing her business. Once she is finished with her classes, she gets straight to work on AGW Designs whether it’s creating more inventory or completing orders. Womack believes in a balanced schedule to aid her in completing her daily goals. 


From 2018 to 2020, AGW Designs has made over $10,000, and is expected to make another $5,000 in sales this year. However, Womack is craving her “claim to fame” by blowing up on Tik Tok and selling out her inventory. Prior to the pandemic, Womack spent lots of time at trunk shows and boutique markets selling her jewelry. Unfortunately, she has not been able to attend any since the virus started, and is looking forward to what the future holds. Womack struggled a great deal with handling the pandemic, and dedicated months to work on her mental and physical health. Since the new year started, she is facing it head on and is eager to make sales, network with professionals and have fun with her business. 


Taegan Stanley, a personal friend of Womack and a returning customer of AGW Designs, said that Womack is her biggest inspiration. Stanley has witnessed the growth of AGW Designs, and the personal growth of her friend Womack. Stanley said, “By watching Attison, she inspires me and reminds me that hard work pays off and persistence is key.” Womack’s ability to successfully grow her business into a success has inspired her friends, family and community. 


From being a 9-year-old girl to a twenty-year-old small-business woman, Womack has proved to herself that any dream is possible with hard work and passion. Not only did she master the 4 types of stringing knots, but she mastered the ability of turning her goals into reality. “If only that little girl caught a glimpse of her future.”

By: Skylar Mandell